Softball Update from Australia (June 11-12)

Days 1 & 2

Today the UChicago softball team departed for our trip to Australia! The team has been working hard throughout the last four years to raise the funds to take us on this journey. Many thanks to our families, friends and alums who helped us reach our destination!

We left Ratner, and then left Ratner again when Coach Kmak left her passport at the VCA desk. Thankfully, Ola from our women's basketball team saved the day recovering the passport in the office and delivering it to me in the doorway. We arrived early to O'Hare, eagerly anticipating our exciting (and long) flights to LAX, and then to Brisbane with a brief (nine hour) layover in between. The flight to LAX was uneventful and, with our bags checked through to Brisbane, the team was able to venture out in LA via Uber to fourth-year Alexa Hanelin's house, Santa Monica beach and pier, and In-N-Out Burger. The midwesterners in the group decided In-N-Out was overrated. The team was able to meet Alexa's dog, which promptly growled at JPru (Jordyne Prussak). Despite some slow Uber response times, everyone made it back to the airport in time to catch the flight to Brisbane.

Many were able to catch some good sleep on the flight to assist with not feeling too jet-lagged upon arrival. There were a variety of movies to watch and a long flight path (over a LOT of blue space) to monitor as the flight progressed. There were three different dinner options (a chicken salad, tortellini pasta, and a beef option with rice), a toasted ham and cheese snack, Kit Kat bars, and breakfast of eggs and bacon or a fruit platter. [I have included all the food options as my mom always wants to know what I ate on my trips! – Hi Mom!]

The flight was fairly exhausting, [so tiring that we lost an entire day – one we'll get back later!] but we arrived safely and met our guide (Hailey) and our bus driver (Julie) – both of whom are awesome! Looking forward to a great trip!

  • Coach Kmak