Softball Update from Australia (June 13)

Day 3

After surviving an in-flight lightning storm, we arrived safely in Brisbane (although without a passport stamp, to our dismay). We then took in some scenic views of the city from our bus -- so scenic in fact that we almost forgot two of our teammates! From there, we made our way to the Australia Zoo, home of the famous Steve Irwin. We got to see a huge variety of Australian animals -- crocs, wallabies, Tasmanian devils, wombats, and of course, koalas and kangaroos. The kangaroos were all out and about so we could pet and feed them (and take a million selfies). Our favorite part was definitely the remix Steve Irwin rap -- we recommend you all check it out! As good as the day was, the highlight was definitely the shower after our 35-hour day. We then enjoyed a team dinner and walked around Brisbane, where there is an ice rink since some people consider 70 degrees winter (lucky them). Looking forward to the rest of the trip!

  • Molly Moran and Megan Stoppelman