Softball Update from Australia (June 15)

Day 5

G'day maties! (Note: have yet to actually hear anyone say this).

Started off today by trying vegemite. It was as terrible as advertised. People who managed to get up early (shout out to jet lag ft. Serena) went to the city botanic gardens. They were very impressed by the giganitc trees with roots growing from the branches.

We spent the first half of the day at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. On the way, we were warned of the Noah's arks (sharks), Joe Blakes (snakes), and people who were one sandwich short of a picnic (crazy). Even though it started off a bit cloudy, the beach was amazing! The waves were choppy, so we walked down the shore and we found a place we could swim. Afterwards, some people hit up the shops along the beach. There was an incredibly interesting variety, we will just leave it at that.

After the beach, we headed to our first softball game of the trip! It was a close game, that unfortunately we didn't win, but we had fun and got to try out some different positions. Our number one fan Julie made us an awesome sign too! It was also really fun to hang out with the opposing team at a barbie after the game. We met a Cubs fan, learned they know as much American geography as we know Australian, and determined Americans are really loud. Bye till tomorrow!

  • Colleen Bennett and Emma Nelson