Softball Update from Australia (June 19)

Day 9

Today we had to say goodbye to the beautiful and tropical Cairns. After two action-packed days with early morning wake-up calls, it was nice to wake up and ease into the day. Many of us tested the WiFi signal strength and bandwidth, and used the morning to call or FaceTime home and send happy Father's Day wishes, as it was still Sunday at home.

After packing up our considerably heavier suitcases, thanks to a stop at the marble quarry discard pile yesterday, we loaded the bus and headed to the airport. We grabbed a quick snack (does airport food make the food blog?), wrote a few more postcards, and boarded the airplane for our quick three-hour flight to Sydney.

Our time in Sydney has been wonderful so far! Our hotel is right by Chinatown, and we had dinner at a restaurant that was recommended by a waiter in Cairns. There were mountains of chicken, delicious curry and buttery roti.

After dinner, most of the team headed to Sydney Harbor to see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. On our way there, we walked through Hyde Park and were greeted by two possums, which we thought were going to jump down from the tree onto us. But we survived! The view of the Opera House and the Bridge lit up at night were beautiful and well worth the walk. We are looking forward to seeing more sights on our bus tour tomorrow!

  • Kelly & Susie