Medical Clearance - First-Year Participants

In addition to the Athletics & Recreation required medical forms, you must also complete all insurance forms at:

Athletes who are required to be on campus prior to September 1st, when the university's insurance plan year begins, may choose an early arrival insurance plan for coverage in August. Additional information about the Early Arrival Plan, and instructions on how to sign up, can be found at:

New students with a significant previous injury or illness that required treatment (i.e., if you were seen by a physician or your athletic trainer, had diagnostic tests performed, underwent physical therapy or surgery. This includes any current incompletely healed injury or ongoing illness.) must:

  • Submit all documentation for injuries, surgeries, illnesses etc. that required medical care. Documentation includes the following: operative report, copies of x-rays, MRI's, bone scans, doctor's office visit notes and radiology reports.
  • Submit a letter of release for full, unrestricted participation in the specific sport (s) that the student is trying out for at the University of Chicago. This letter must be written by the treating physician or surgeon.
  • Submit documentation for sickle cell trait, and use of banned stimulants for medical conditions.