Training Room Rules & Procedures

Guidelines for Treatment

The Athletic Training Department will treat:

  • Any injury or illness directly related to intercollegiate sport participation that was incurred during team travel, supervised practice, scheduled games, or while conditioning for a particular sport during the NCAA defined playing and practice season.
  • The department does not and cannot cover any personal illnesses (chronic or acute - at any time), any infection, diagnostic tests or surgery for pre-existing conditions, or injuries incurred by a student-athlete outside of the NCAA practice and competition season. This includes injuries incurred in high school, recreational or intramural sports participation and during summer training. Cost of second opinions or treatment sought that was not referred by the University of Chicago Sports Medicine Staff is not covered by the department.

For non-traditional or out-of-season team practices, there is no on-site athletic training coverage. Coaches will follow the emergency medical procedures should an injury occur.


Rules and Procedures

  • Report all injuries after practice on the day that they occur.
  • You must check with an athletic trainer before going to any doctor. If you cannot keep a doctor's appointment or appointment with an athletic trainer, call the athletic training rooms.
    Ratner Athletics Training Room: Mary (773-753-4708), Gregory (773-702-1048) and Meghan (773-702-3875)
    Henry Crown Field House: 753-4692
  • Never take medications which have been prescribed for someone else.
  • When you are injured, be sure to get treatment as soon as possible during the day. This means before your first class, if necessary.
  • Appropriate attire is required in the athletic training rooms at all times. Muddy or cleated shoes are not allowed in the athletic training rooms.
  • No horseplay in the athletic training rooms.
  • Athletes do not treat themselves. A certified athletic trainer must always be present during treatments.
  • Athletes must shower before receiving treatments after practices and competitions.