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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

The "C" Logo



The University of Chicago athletics emblem underwent several changes during the institution's early years.

The first football team in 1892 sported no recognizable emblem on its uniforms. In an effort to provide the team with an identity, the letters "UC" were cut out of brown paper and pasted on the players' uniforms.

In the spring of 1893, the emblem was modified into the form of a monogram that the baseball team incorporated on its uniforms.

A single letter was used for the first time in 1894 when the football and track squads displayed an oblong "C" on their uniforms. That emblem remained in existence until 1897 when it was replaced by a "C" in large, round type.

Then in 1898, Maroon teams adopted the Chicago "C" emblem, which has been worn to the present day. 

In 2016, the traditional maroon wishbone "C" received a black outline around the perimeter, with a white outline "C" variant for different colored backgrounds.