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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

International Travel

Beginning with the men's soccer team's trip to Scotland in 1997, international travel has become a hallmark of the University of Chicago Athletics experience. UChicago intercollegiate teams have traveled to 22 countries on four continents as of spring 2017.

Team fundraising efforts as well as support from Athletics & Recreation and alumni - including the Edith Ballwebber Fund, an endowed fund for female athletes - have made the trips possible.






UChicago Maroons Overseas Tours
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2019 Women's Soccer Italy 
2019 Volleyball  Iceland

2018 Men's Basketball Spain
2018 Women's Basketball Spain

 2017  Softball  Australia
 2017  Men's Soccer  Italy
   2016  Swimming & Diving  Puerto Rico
   2016  Men's and Women's
 2015 Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
 New Zealand,
 2015 Women's Soccer  Italy
 2015 Volleyball  Nicaragua

 2013 Men's Soccer  Austria,

 2013 Softball  Italy,
 2012 Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
 2011 Volleyball  Costa Rica
 2011 Women's Soccer  Italy
 2009 Women's Tennis  Argentina,
 2009 Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
 2009 Men's Soccer  Italy
 2009 Softball  Belgium,
 2008 Swimming & Diving  Costa Rica
 2008 Baseball  Japan
 2007 Volleyball  China
 2007 Women's Soccer  Italy
Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
 2005 Softball  Australia
 2005 Men's Soccer  Brazil
 2003 Women's Soccer  Italy
 2001 Men's Soccer  England
 1999 Women's Soccer  Italy
 1997 Men's Soccer  Scotland