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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Men’s Basketball Update from Australia/New Zealand (Sept. 10)


Today the Maroons woke up in warm Cairns, Australia. The sun was out, making it a perfect day to head out on the water. Everyone walked through the boardwalk onto the town pier in order to board our ship, the Sea Star. The crew was jolly and ready to usher everyone on for a great time. Some people signed up for scuba diving, while others stuck to the terrific snorkeling. The hour and thirty minute ride out into the ocean was rough, turbulent, and totally worth it. Snorkeling through the Great Barrier Reef, the underwater world came to life. Busy and bustling with critters, it was like an entire city under water. Once the breathing was mastered, there was no coming up. With so much to explore, it was great having two separate sites to visit. Getting out in the water with literally no land in sight was jarring, but all in all, an amazingly unforgettable experience.

- Blaine Crawford ('17)