Men’s Basketball Update from Australia/New Zealand (Sept. 14)


Yesterday, the team went on the Sydney Bridge Climb. The weather couldn't have been better as the Maroons made their way to the top. The team posed for pictures with the notorious Sydney Opera House and the skyline of downtown in the background. Senior Eric Robinson showed incredible courage as he conquered his fear of heights and made his way to the top. Eric said, "I promised my mama I wouldn't do anything dangerous, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity of a lifetime with my teammates." According to the N.Y. Times, climbing the Sydney Bridge is one of 10 things people should do before they die. That's an amazing feat to put alongside swimming in the Great Barrier Reef a few days earlier. Later in the day, the team took a tour of the Sydney Opera House. The Maroons learned about the history as well as the current day-to-day operations of the world-famous structure. The day was capped by a team dinner where everyone cooked their own individual steaks on a grill. It was an incredible day to be a Maroon!

- Tyler Howard ('17)