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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Men's basketball updates from Ireland: September 15

Day 6

Golfing at Dooks, Irish Dance lessons, dinner and music at Kate Kearney's cottage at the Gap of Dunloe

The day started very early - up at 6 AM for breakfast and quickly onto the bus. We were privileged to be able to go play golf as a team at Dooks Golf Club. We went off in three foursomes and played in a scramble format. The champion through nine holes was the team led by me and including Matt Mackenzie, Stephen Palmtag, and Derrick Davis. I say that we were the champions through nine because we were unable to complete the round due to each competitor running out of golf balls. The weather was shaky early, putting us all through intermittent showers and drenching us all. Despite the adverse conditions, we all really enjoyed the chance to play golf at a spectacular venue here in Ireland and to play on a course totally different than one might see in the U.S.

After golf, we had a chance to catch up on a little sleep and eat, and then we were surprised by the coaching staff and the women's team with afternoon Irish dancing lessons. It was a very unique experience. We started with the basics and a few popular dances someone might see in an Irish wedding and we finished with a dance called "Shoe the Donkey!" It was a fun thing to be able to do in conjunction with the women.

After dancing, we were allowed to go home and shower after our unexpected workout. Then we boarded the bus once again to go to dinner at Kate Kearny's cottage. The scenery around the landmark was beautiful, we had a wonderful dinner and were treated to a live Irish band and dancing while we finished our meal.

We all enjoyed a great start to the weekend here in Killarney.

- Alex Pyper (Class of 2015)