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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Men's basketball updates from Ireland: September 16

Day 7

Dingle Peninsula, Boat/Dolphin Excursion, free night in Killarney

On day seven of our trip, we departed our hotel in Killarney at 9 AM for Dingle (apparently pronounced both Dingle and Dangle). The bus ride to Dingle/around the peninsula had some of the more impressive scenery of the trip thus far, which is saying a lot because of the beauty of every Irish landscape. The ride around the peninsula consisted almost entirely of bluffs that began their drop straight down into the ocean no more than a foot or two away from the narrow road our tour bus occupied. The experience allowed me to officially cross-off Irish tour bus driver from my list of potential careers (extra kudos to our bus driver, Kenny, who surgically navigated the difficult terrain). Once in Dingle, we boarded a boat that took us into the Bay of Dingle to dolphin watch. It was neat to see the several boats in the bay use teamwork to stir-up the dolphins in order for them to become visible to the populous.

For dinner in Killarney, Charlie Hughes and I found a restaurant and had Irish stew, which we were told contained Guinness. Despite not being able to taste the Guinness, the stew was fantastic. Afterwards, we set out to discover what the nightlife of Killarney had to offer.

- Sam Gage (Class of 2014)