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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Men's Soccer updates from Europe: August 14

PICTURED ABOVE: University of Chicago men's soccer players in Piran.


YouTube video of trip highlights


The UChicago men's soccer team won its first game of their European trip against NK Bistrica just outside of Maribor, Slovenia. Michael Choquette hammered home his first goal of the campaign off a lovely lay off from Kyle Kurfirst. The majority of the game was played in a heavy rain and there were several opportunities missed on both ends of the field. Steady improvement in several parts of the game helped ensure the Maroons walked away with a win this time around.

The day before this last match, the boys experienced a lovely morning in the picturesque Slovenian village of Piran. Located on the Istrian coast just a few miles between both Italy and Croatia, the views from the castle walls onto the town and the sea mesmerized all those that decided to make the rather long walk up.

After a week of playing and sightseeing, some of the fellas thought the costs of walking up a fortressed hill and the less time in the town's beautiful turquoise Adriatic waters supported a law of diminishing marginal returns. The less rational actors in the group were rewarded with some of the best views of a beautifully preserved village in the Adriatic.

Up next for the team is training at an alpine retreat a few kilometers outside Maribor. Located at the bottom of a ski slope, the playing fields are first rate and everyone eagerly awaits our last match and a day trip to the capital city of Ljubljana.

- Assistant Coach Michael Madero


PICTURED ABOVE: UChicago men's soccer players training outside of Maribor.

PICTURED ABOVE: Piran, Slovenia.

PICTURED ABOVE: Piran, Slovenia.