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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Softball updates from Italy and Spain 2013: Day 1

Today we flew out of O'Hare airport and into JFK where we had a short layover before taking off for Milan! After a long eight-hour flight, we were relieved to land in hot and sunny Italy. Right after landing, we were swept away by our tour guide Francesca and we boarded a bus headed to our first destination.

After a brief stop at the local softball field, we continued on to Lake Como, a beautiful lake town nestled between the mountains of northern Italy. Upon arriving, we headed straight to the lake front to take in the nice scenery, followed by a team lunch overlooking the water. We all indulged ourselves in traditional Italian pizza and pasta and quickly learned that water in Europe is not free! Feeling rather over indulged, we headed off to our hotel for a quick jet lag-induced nap.

Soon after, we broke up into small groups and explored the city of Como. Although the city is small, it sits lake side and is beautifully comprised of old colorful buildings. That evening, we ate dinner at our hotel where we had a multi-course meal consisting of pasta, chicken, salad and fruit cocktail. Continuing our night, we walked around Como and stumbled upon a soccer game. All and all it was a great first day!

- Maddie McManus (Class of 2014)