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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Softball updates from Italy and Spain 2013: Day 10

At 10 AM (we got to sleep in!), we left the hotel for the Benedictine Monastery of Montserrat. Montserrat is at a high elevation and the winding road to get there was scary. Rae was sure the bus would fall down the hill, but felt much safer once she buckled in. When we got to the Monastery, we took pictures of the view and listened to our local tour guide. We then took a tram to the highest peak and found out that Maddie and Rae really don't like heights. At the top, we broke into small groups and explored. Tabbetha climbed some trees per usual. Rae came out with twice as many grey hairs and was named worst panoramic taker ever. We took the tram down and entered the Monastery to hear the famous little boys sing. These boys live at Montserrat from ages 9 to 14 and sing once a week for the public. The singing was nice, although we couldn't figure out where the boys actually were or even if they were there.

Later, we had free time in Barcelona. Emily, Jordan, Zoe, Maddie, and Jac walked down Las Ramblas, a major street in Barcelona with non-stop vendors. We headed over to La Boqueria for dinner. It's an open air food market where we tried natural fruit juice. Then we got chocolates. Emily went a bit overboard and spent eight euro. We left and met up with Kim, Tab, Rae and Kristin and went to the beach. After getting tan, we went to a restaurant on the beach called La Playa - so La Playa en la playa! We saw Jac's parents for a little bit (We love and will miss the Ryans!). We enjoyed our last night in Barcelona and thanks to Zoe, took the best cab ride home - of course leaving the packing for 5 AM the next morning.

- Emily Ashbridge (Class of 2015)