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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Softball updates from Italy and Spain 2013: Day 3

Today we packed up and left Lake Como to continue our journey to Montecatini. While en route, we stopped in Parma for a wine, cheese and meat tasting. In Parma, we learned about the wine-making process. Sparkling red wine is very popular in this region of Italy, so we followed our tour guide through the each room of the winery and saw each step that goes into producing their wine. It takes at least two months! After we asked all our questions, we headed up stairs to a deck with a beautiful view and enjoyed two red wines with six meats, Parmesan cheese aged 24 months and desserts. We talked and ate and enjoyed the view, then took team pictures on the stairs of the winery, climbed into the bus and fell quickly asleep.

We awoke in Montecatini. We checked into the hotel and then hit the town. Some of us got dinner, talked and relaxed while others headed to the tram (funicular) to go to Montecatnini Alto. From that point, we could look out and see vast land beneath us. We took pictures and just tried to soak it all in. Then we headed down to the town and got gelato (for the second time in one day!) and headed back to the hotel. After gathering in Zoe, Maddie and Devan's room for an hour to catch up on everyone's adventures, we headed to our own rooms and passed out.

- Emily Ashbridge and Tabbetha Bohac (Class of 2015)