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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Softball updates from Italy and Spain 2013: Day 6

6 AM: Devan sleeps like a baby in our four-star Best Western in Milan.

7:15 AM: Jacqueline and Maddie eat bacon for the first six days.

8 AM: We said farewell to our fantabulous bus driver Antonio and arrived at the Milan Malpensa Airport where green Saran Wrap machines were a thing.

9 AM: Both of the Kims and the Bohacs fend off pushy European travelers while we wait to check in. We appreciate their sacrifice. It was a tough job.

10 AM: It's sad to say ciao to Italy but exciting to know we'll be saying hola to Spain in a few short hours. We embark on the bumpiest plane ride ever. Think of Lost [the TV show] but 10 times worse. Rae wasn't having it.

12 PM: We meet our new bus driver, Luis, who is awesome. Everyone is happy to be in Madrid and everyone has a little Spanish under their belt except for our three Italian speakers: Rae, Julia, and Zoe. Oh, how the tables have turned.

2 PM: We meet Mariarosa, our local travel guide and take a bus tour through the city. Mariarosa is a baller at historical stuff when it comes to Spain. We learn that Spain hearts Columbus and Cervantes A LOT.

6 PM: Everyone is hungry so we decide to go out to eat...but realize people in Spain don't eat until 8 PM. Cue the anger, agitation and moodiness.

8 PM: We hit the town and end up at the Mercado de San Miguel where everyone is in food heaven. Jordan couldn't stop talking about her meal which included oysters and calamari.

9 PM: An anonymous member is hit on by a cute local waiter. Thankfully, Kristin was able to translate all that he said and the anonymous member and Eric (the waiter) had a lovely conversation.

12 AM: One group hits up the only 24-hour Chocolateria in Madrid. Kaitlyn proudly eats six churros by herself. No regrets.

Stay tuned for the next installment of UChicago softball takes Spitaly: The Spain edition.

- Kaitlyn Carpenter (Class of 2014)