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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Softball updates from Italy and Spain 2013: Day 7

Today we hopped on the bus for a short drive to the historic city of Toledo. Perched high on a hill, the cathedral and palace stood out as we overlooked the city. Standing at the bottom of the hill, we were all relieved to find a series of several escalators that comfortably took us to the top of the large hill. We followed our tour guide, Maria Rosa, as she directed our attention to the many corners of the city. The peaceful cohabitation of Christians, Jews, and Muslims for decades influenced the city's unique architecture and as we wandered around the maze of alleys, this became all the more obvious.

We were allowed to separate for an hour or so and groups broke off for lunch, and then all gathered back together in an attempt to purchase marzipan, the beautiful almond candy. Unfortunately, the line was too long and we left the fruit-shaped candy behind.

After that, our guide used her connections to get us into the gothic cathedral ahead of a large throng of people. We toured the inside of the cathedral, amazed at the splendor of all the ancient organs, crowns and artwork. It was a breathtaking end to our tour of Toledo.

After a long day exploring the city, everyone went back to the hotel and split up for dinner, with some visiting local restaurants while others explored the supermarkets before falling asleep to get ready for the drive to Barcelona tomorrow.

- Jordan Poole (Class of 2016)