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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Softball updates from Italy and Spain 2013: Day 8

Travel day!

Wow, all 14 of us athletes are completely exhausted from our extremely strenuous and exerting bus ride today. Driving the eight hours from Madrid to Barcelona actually was incredibly beautiful from the country plains, to the rocky cliffs, and authentic Spanish castles. With a stop in the city of Zaragoza for lunch (before the afternoon siesta), most of the team ventured to "Todo 1 Euro" for one euro lunches. The highlight of this stop, however, was the enormous Basilica which was a must-see if you ever decide to take a spontaneous trip to Zaragoza, Spain!

When we arrived in our Zenit hotel in Barcelona, most of the team split into smaller groups to explore for dinner and, as one group discovered, there is more than one Zenit hotel in Barcelona! Who knew? Good thing there are plenty of taxis about to rescue the brilliant UChicago students who are perhaps not majoring in cartography.

All in all, it was a wonderful and restful day before tomorrow's day of exploring Barcelona and game day - or in Spanish: ¡el día de partido!

- Kathleen Kohm (Class of 2016)