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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Swimming & Diving Update from Puerto Rico (Dec. 12)

Day 3

6:45 AM - Everyone is up and eating breakfast. Included in the morning meal is papaya and freshly squeezed mango and orange juice.


7:10 AM - We board the buses and head to the pool. Once we arrive on deck, everyone gets ready for training. Mary preps her things as the swimmers get ready.


8:00 AM - We begin practice. The main set is a training trip favorite: 2:01s (repeat 100-meter freestyle swims on 2 minutes and 1 second with a decreasing goal time). After the set, everyone is pretty exhausted.


10:30 AM - We head back to the hotel. Jason has mercy on our aching bodies, unaccustomed to long-course meters, and gives us the afternoon off.

11:00 AM - Everyone disperses in various activities. Most people prepare lunch, some take naps, others explore the town of Rincón. 


Others hit nearby beaches to surf and paddle board.


5:30 PM - Most people are back from activities. A small group meets at the balcony to watch the sunset, play cards and edit pictures.

7:00 PM - Everyone heads down starving and ready for dinner.


8:00 PM - After dinner, people disperse. Some hang out on the balcony, others watch a movie in their rooms. For the most part, people prepare to get bed and rest for a double day tomorrow (two practices, one in the morning and another in the afternoon).