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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Women's basketball updates from Ireland: September 18

Day 9

Hey everyone! Greetings from Dublin! We had an exciting day today composed of various cultural explorations and adventures. We started off the day with lessons in the the Gaelic games of football, handball and hurling. We had such an amazing time learning these new games that we want to bring them back to America :). Delving into a new culture and building teamwork is what this trip is about, so being able to experience another nation's culture through a complete immersion into these various Gaelic games was a memorable experience.

After the games, we had some down time to explore the city. We visited places like Ireland's National Archeological and Natural History Museums and their National Art Gallery. We also had time to navigate through the unfamiliar city and find O'Connell Street and visit the various shops and restaurants.

After all this exploring, it was game time as both the men's and women's teams faced Killester. We defeated Killester while the boys unfortunately lost by one after a controversial call that ended the game. This was another adventure in itself adjusting to the smaller court, international rules and different lines for the key.

Overall, today was about understanding and exploring the Irish culture whether it was through athletics or walking around Dublin. We are continuing to have an amazing time here in Ireland. Unfortunately, our time is running out, but we have one more day to explore the city before we head back to Chicago. As they say in Ireland, cheers and we hope all is well state side!

- Christiane Murray (Class of 2014)