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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Disciplinary Protocol

The Department of Athletics & Recreation sets a high standard for integrity, character and accountability for our student-athletes and staff. The students who participate in varsity athletic programs choose to accept the responsibility of representing the University of Chicago in a manner that is consistent with our values of excellence, education and integrity, and do so with the understanding that participation is a privilege not an entitlement. Appropriate and respectful conduct is expected of all members of varsity teams at all times.

Incidents may occur that are contrary to these expectations and could tarnish the reputation of excellence that the Department of Athletics & Recreation seeks to uphold. Most often these incidents are minor in nature and can be attributed to isolated lapses in judgment and teachable moments. On occasion, however, an incident may be more significant in nature, or may be part of a pattern of concerning behavior.

This protocol is intended to establish a base of understanding for appropriate conduct and the consequences for all student-athletes who violate those expectations. Head coaches are responsible for establishing behavioral expectations for their teams and addressing violations should they occur, and thus this protocol is not designed for situations involving violations of team rules that fall under the purview of the head coach.

In addition, this protocol and associated sanctions are not meant to replace actions taken under the University’s disciplinary system, but instead are supplemental to actions taken via those systems.

Athletic sanctions can be applied in instances when the Department of Athletics & Recreation receives a report that a student-athlete has violated or has been accused of violating the University’s and/or the Department of Athletics & Recreation’s standards of conduct or germane policies. Reports of such violations or alleged violations may come from numerous sources, including but not limited to the Office of the Dean of Students in the College or the Associate Dean of Students in the University for Disciplinary Affairs.

The Department of Athletics & Recreation will assess all of the information provided to it and using reasoned judgment, timely determine appropriate sanctions, including interim sanctions. The Director of Athletics & Recreation will be notified by the Dean’s Office or the Associate Dean of Students in the University for Disciplinary Affairs of a disciplinary matter at three points of an investigation: immediately after a report is received, when a decision is made to refer the case to the appropriate discipline committee, and upon disposition of the case. The Department of Athletics & Recreation may impose sanctions on an interim basis at any time before a final adjudication is made by the germane University disciplinary system.

There will be neither a rush to judgment, nor a delay in judgment, but a timely and prompt response when there is sufficient understanding of the details of the incident and any findings.

Possible sanctions include but are not limited to the following: written reprimand, interim or limited suspension from athletic contests, interim or limited suspension from all team activity, suspension from a portion or remainder of a season, and dismissal from the team(s).

For multiple sport athletes, sanctions will be imposed during the season in which the offense occurs if possible but will move to the next active season if compelled by the circumstances.

The Director of Athletics & Recreation (or designee) will serve as the conduit for communication between the Department and appropriate University offices.

Sanctions imposed under this protocol will be decided by the Director of Athletics & Recreation and respective head coach(es).

Review Process
If a student wishes to request a review of the decision, the student must make that request in writing to the Dean of Students in the University (or designee) not more than ten days following the date on which the Director of Athletics & Recreation issues written notification of the decision. All support material must be submitted in writing by the student with the request for review. The written request and support materials must be prepared and submitted by the student. The only legitimate grounds for review are: (1) that prescribed procedures were not followed, and (2) that new and material information unavailable to the Director of Athletics & Recreation bears significantly in the student’s favor.