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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Equipment Issue

General Equipment Room Policies

All clothing and equipment that is issued to you is the property of the University of Chicago. The items issued are for your use during practice, competition, training and conditioning. They are to be worn only in conjunction with official practices, games and conditioning sessions, and otherwise, should not be removed from the recreational facilities.

Items that become unusable or items that need to be replaced may be turned in to the Equipment Room in the Ratner Athletics Center or the Henry Crown Field House. New items will be re-issued only upon written request by your coaching staff.


Laundry Service

Laundry service is provided only for clothing issued from the Equipment Room; personal items should not be turned in to the Equipment Room. If personal items are identified on a laundry loop, then the loop will not be laundered.


Varsity Locker Rooms, Lockers and Cubbies

Each team has a designated locker room during their traditional season. A locker assignment in a team’s designated locker room will only be made upon medical clearance from the Athletic Training Room. Head Coaches will assign lockers and distribution cubby lockers to their team members prior to their season. Because of limited locker rooms and distribution cubby lockers, at the end of a traditional season, athletes will be asked to vacate the cubby, locker and locker room.


Practice Clothing Issue and Return

Practice clothing will only be distributed upon medical clearance from the Athletic Training Room. Head Coaches designate which items they want distributed to their athletes. These items will be distributed by the Equipment Room at a designated time; through the distribution cubby lockers or during a designated pick up time.

Practice clothing must be turned in within 90 minutes after every practice using the laundry loop provided through the designated laundry chute located in the cubby lockers at Ratner or Henry Crown. It is important to properly pin the small bag of your laundry loop closed so that items do not become loose in the laundry.

Upon completion of the season, all issued clothing and equipment including towels, laundry loops, laundry pins and travel bags must be returned and checked into the Equipment Room. Future varsity locker privileges and future equipment issue could be withheld if​the student-athlete does not return their assigned items. Adherence to this policy is essential to Athletics & Recreation’s financial ability to provide clothing and equipment for all student-athletes, as well as to comply with NCAA rules.


Varsity Uniform Issue and Return

The Equipment Room will issue uniforms as requested by the coaching staff. The coaching staff designates uniform sizes and numbers for their athletes. The coaching staff will also decide who receives uniforms on the day of a contest or for travel. Coaches will decide if uniforms are distributed through the distribution cubby lockers or if the uniforms must be signed-out for distribution at the Equipment Room at a designated time.

All issued varsity uniform items must be returned within 90 minutes of a home contest or immediately upon return from a trip to the designated cubby chute. Some coaches will request that uniforms be signed back in at the Equipment Room to assure items get returned properly. This is important in order to keep track of the uniforms and for the uniforms to be laundered prior to the next contest.