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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation


Athletics & Recreation serves a large and diverse population (an average of 1,350 people per day use the recreational facilities). Because of this high traffic, continual efforts are made to satisfy all groups seeking access to the recreational facilities in a fair and courteous manner.


Facilities Hours

Updated facilities hours can be found at:



Team practices and contests must be officially scheduled by the Head Coach. Out-of-season practices (with the exception of non-traditional team practices) cannot be officially scheduled, but teams may utilize Open Recreation times for these activities.


Controlled Access

The university recreational facilities are controlled-access facilities. This means:

  • All individuals (including varsity athletes) wishing to utilize the Ratner Athletics
    Center and/or the Henry Crown Field House must display current and valid membership privileges. Student-athletes must show their University of Chicago ID.
  • If any person possessing valid membership privileges does not have their proof of membership upon entrance to the recreational facilities, then that person must provide their name to the front desk attendant in order to gain access. All names are then linked to the valid membership file in the membership software system before entry is permitted.
  • Varsity locker rooms have restricted access and are accessed by swiping your ID through a card-reader. Your coach will make arrangements prior to the season to get all team members’ IDs properly coded by the Athletic Facilities Manager.



Unfortunately, theft is a reality within the recreational facilities. Protect yourself and your teammates by doing the following:

  • Do not allow unidentified individuals into the building when using the back doors.
  • Do not prop exterior doors open.
  • Do not prop your locker room door open.
  • Lock your locker if you have anything of value stored in it.
  • Report thefts immediately to the front desk. A manager will be notified and you will be asked to complete an Incident Report. The best way to solve and prevent criminal activity is to report it so that the University Police can work to find the culprit.
  • Report suspicious behavior to the front desk so that a manager can investigate the behavior.


Fitness Centers

Both Ratner and Henry Crown house fitness centers with areas specific to weight training. Coaches may reserve time for their varsity athletic teams to weight train; however, generally varsity teams and recreational users co-exist in these spaces. Student-athletes are expected to be respectful and accommodating of recreational users.



Coaches may schedule pool time for a varsity team’s use through the Aquatics Director. A lifeguard must be present at all times that the pool is in use. Individuals may also utilize Open Recreation time, but a team cannot use Open Recreation time without coordinating through the Aquatics Director in an effort to keep enough lanes available for recreational swimmers.


General Facilities Information

For additional policies and facilities information, please refer to the brochures and signage located throughout the recreational facilities as well as the University of Chicago’s Athletics & Recreation website (