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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Insurance Policy

The insurance requirement for participation in intercollegiate athletics may be satisfied in one of two ways:
    1. Enroll in the University of Chicago’s Student Accident & Sickness Insurance U-SHIP plan. Refer to for more information regarding University-wide insurance requirements.
    2. Carry insurance coverage that is comparable to the U-SHIP Basic Plan. For insurance to be comparable, it must allow for procedures such as: x-rays, MRIs, bone scans and office visits at a medical facility in the Chicagoland area. Emergency treatment only is not comparable.

In order to assure that student-athletes seek prompt care for any injuries sustained while participating on an intercollegiate athletic team, Athletics & Recreation will reimburse the student-athlete a maximum of $1,500 for out-of pocket (deductible or co-pay) expenses per school year only if
(1) the insurance is comparable to the University of Chicago U-SHIP plan,
(2) the injury occurs while participating in a sanctioned varsity practice or competition and
(3) the student-athlete has been evaluated by a member of the University of Chicago Sports Medicine staff (athletic trainer and/or team physician).


Covered Injuries

The Athletic Training Department will treat any injury directly related to intercollegiate sport participation that occurred during team travel, supervised practice, scheduled games, or while conditioning for a particular sport during the NCAA defined playing and practice season.


Not Covered

Athletics & Recreation does not and cannot cover any personal illnesses (chronic or acute - at any time), any infection, diagnostic tests or surgery for preexisting conditions, or injuries incurred by a student/athlete outside of the NCAA practice and competition season. This includes injuries incurred in high school, recreational or intramural sports participation and during summer training. Cost for second opinions or treatment sought that was not referred by the University of Chicago Sports Medicine staff (athletic trainer and/or team physician) is not covered by Athletics & Recreation.


Insurance Claims

Please refer to the Athletic Training page at:


Policy Changes

If at any time during the school year there are any changes in insurance coverage, the student-athlete must notify the Athletic Training Staff immediately. The policy holder must complete and sign a new insurance information form.



If the student-athlete’s insurance requires pre-authorization for any (outpatient/inpatient) services, the student-athlete or parents are responsible for obtaining this approval. Student-athletes covered under the University of Chicago Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP) will be required to complete additional forms provided by the Athletic Training Staff.