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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Sports Medicine

Athletic Training Room Schedule

• Posted weekly on the Athletic Training Room doors
• Injury clinic will be held weekly in the Athletic Training Room


Medical Clearance to Begin Practice and Competition

In order to try out for, or participate in, a varsity sport at the University of Chicago, every student must complete the required athletic training forms. All forms and instructions are available at:

All forms and documentation must be completed on ATS by August 1st for every year of participation.

Please note: A fall sport student-athlete who arrives for preseason without having completed and uploaded on ATS will not be allowed to try out or practice.

In addition to the required medical forms, you must also complete the insurance waiver/enrollment at:

New students with a significant previous injury or illness that required treatment (i.e., if you were seen by a physician or your athletic trainer, had diagnostic tests performed, underwent physical therapy or surgery; this includes any current incompletely healed injury or ongoing illness.) must:
• Submit all documentation for injuries, surgeries, illnesses, etc. that required medical care. Documentation includes the following: operative report, copies of x-rays, MRI’s, bone scans, doctor’s office visit notes and radiology reports.
• Submit a letter of release for full, unrestricted participation in the specific sport(s) that the student is trying out for at the University of Chicago. This letter must be written by the treating physician or surgeon.

The NCAA now requires all NCAA student-athletes to show proof of sickle cell trait testing with a positive or negative diagnosis. Both new and returning athletes must complete this annually on ATS.

Student-athletes with diagnosed ADHD must have annual documentation of care by the treating physician. More information can be found on the athletics website:


Athletic Training Room Rules & Procedures

• Report all injuries to a member of the Athletic Training Staff.
• Never take medications which have been prescribed for someone else.
• When you are injured, be sure to get treatment as soon as possible during the day. This means before your first class, if necessary. Appointments are required for morning treatments.
• Student-athletes must provide the Athletic Trainer with an extra inhaler, EpiPen, contacts, etc. if prescribed by Primary Care Physician.


Guidelines for Treatment

The Athletic Training Department will treat:
• Any injury directly related to intercollegiate sport participation that occurred during team travel, scheduled contests, supervised practice and supervised strength and conditioning sessions.
• Athletics & Recreation does not and cannot cover any personal illnesses (chronic or acute - at any time), any infection, diagnostic tests or surgery for preexisting conditions, or injuries incurred by a student-athlete outside of team travel, scheduled contests, supervised practice and supervised strength and conditioning sessions. This includes injuries incurred prior to enrolling at the University, recreational or intramural sports participation and any personal fitness activity. Any expense for second opinions or treatment sought that was not referred by the University of Chicago Sports Medicine staff (athletic trainer and/or team physician) is not covered by Athletics & Recreation.

For non-traditional or out-of-season team practices, there is no on-site athletic training coverage. Coaches will follow the emergency medical procedures should an injury occur.

The University of Chicago certified Athletic Trainers work in conjunction with the team physicians to provide the highest quality sports medicine services to all varsity athletes. A certified Athletic Trainer will evaluate and treat intercollegiate athletic injuries during regularly scheduled athletic training room hours.