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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Team Travel

Student-athletes should remember that they are representatives of the University of Chicago whenever their team is traveling for competition. All trips begin when the team leaves campus and end upon return to campus.



All athletes and coaches must travel with the team to and from all intercollegiate contests. Athletes must return to campus with their team unless permission has been granted by the coach. Team members may only leave the team with members of their immediate family. Unusual circumstances must be approved in advance by the Associate Athletic Director and Head Coach.


Dress Code

Athletes should be aware of their status as representatives of the University of Chicago and dress accordingly. Coaches may also have specific dress codes for their teams.


Alcohol & Curfew Policy

Alcohol is prohibited and may never be consumed by students during team travel. As university-sponsored trips, they must comply with university policies and expectations. Students may never be served alcohol during meals on team trips regardless of where they are or by whom they are hosted.

A team curfew of no later than 11:00 PM will be enforced by coaches.

If students are provided time to roam while on a team trip, they must travel at least in pairs so that no student is alone.