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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Varsity Awards

To receive a varsity award, you must begin and end the season. Additional objective standards are set by each coach and are on file with Athletics & Recreation. Awards are presented each spring at banquets held separately for the Women’s Athletic Association and the Order of the “C”.

Minor "C"

  • Certificate

Major "C"

  • First "C"  -  Gold Certificate/Pin
  • Second "C"  -  Letter Jacket
  • Third "C"  -  Watch
  • Fourth "C"  -  Blanket


Only one physical award (pin, jacket, watch or blanket) is presented to a letter winner annually.


Scenario 1:

  • Year One:        Football – Minor "C" – Certificate        Baseball-Major "C" – Gold Certificate/Pin
  • Year Two         Football – Minor "C" – Certificate        Baseball-Major "C" – Jacket
  • Year Three       Football – Major "C" – Watch             Baseball-Major "C" – Watch already received
  • Year Four         Football – Major "C" – Blanket              Baseball-Major "C" – Blanket
  • Blanket awarded at banquet with Major "C”"stars – 2 for Football, 4 for Baseball

Scenario 2:     

  • Year One         Track-I – Minor "C" – Certificate          Track-O-Minor "C" – Certificate
  • Year Two         Track-I – Minor "C" – Certificate          Track-O-Major "C" – Gold Certificate/Pin
  • Year Three       Track-I – Minor "C" – Certificate          Track-O-Major "C" – Jacket
  • Year Four         Track-I – Major "C" – Blanket              Track-O-Major "C" – Blanket
  • Blanket awarded at banquet with Major "C" stars – 1 for Track-I, 3 for Track-O.  The watch award would be skipped in this scenario.

Scenario 3:     

  • Year One:        Football – Did not participate            Baseball-Major "C" – Gold Certificate/Pin
  • Year Two         Football – Did not participate             Baseball-Major "C" – Jacket
  • Year Three       Football – Major "C" – Watch             Baseball – Did not participate
  • Year Four         Football – Major "C" – Blanket             Baseball – Did not participate


To receive a blanket, an athlete must compete in all four years of eligibility (transfer students are required to compete a minimum of three years) and earn at least three Major "C" awards, with one earned during the senior year.

Most Valuable Player

  • Selected by members of each team sport, this award is presented to the team member who best exemplifies the skill, sportsmanship, loyalty and contribution to the team that has made their presence valuable to the program.

Edith Ballwebber Athlete of the Year Award

  • Presented by the Graduate Women’s Athletic Association to an athlete in each class who has made a significant contribution to the success of the team. Coaches may nominate one member from each class. Nominees submit an application and an essay to a panel composed of members of the Graduate Women’s Athletic Association.

Patricia R. Kirby Award

  • Presented annually to a female senior student-athlete, who - through her participation in multiple sports and/or extensive support of multiple University of Chicago teams, her leadership in the Women’s Athletic Association or significant leadership of her own team, and her exemplary service to the campus community - truly honors the legacy of the award’s namesake.

Mary Jean Mulvaney Scholar-Athlete Award

  • Presented to the senior male and female athlete with the highest grade point average. The winner must be a four-year participant who has lettered at least three years including the senior year. The grade point average will be based on the junior and senior year (up to the quarter preceding graduation). Students who graduate at the end of winter or spring quarter will be eligible for this award. Presented by the Women’s Athletic Association and the Undergraduate Order of the "C".

Gertrude Dudley Medal

  • Presented to a senior woman athlete who has been a four-year participant. The woman presented with this award has exhibited outstanding athletic performance by her position on the team(s) or individual records and leadership though her position as a captain or game/meet leader or has been involved in the Women’s Athletic Association as an officer, team representative or project director.

Amos Alonzo Stagg Medal

  • Presented to a senior male athlete who has been a four-year participant. The winner shall have demonstrated athletic performance and ability, leadership, character, contribution to team success and scholarship.

J. Kyle Anderson Award

  • Presented to the senior baseball player who best exemplifies character, leadership, integrity, and dedication to the team. Selected by the Head Coach.

Brian J. Baldea Award

  • Awarded to the Most Valuable Baseball Player, as voted by the players.

Max Davidson Award

  • Awarded to the tennis player whose dedication to the team and to the sport has excelled them above all others.

Walter Hass Award

  • Awarded to the Most Valuable Football Player, as voted by the players and coaches.

Ted Haydon Award

  • Awarded to the male athlete who scores the most combined points for the indoor and outdoor conference championships.

Joseph Stampf Award

  • Awarded to the player “who strives for excellence as a man and as a basketball player; who gives of himself unto the lives of his teammates; and whose commitment to high values and integrity is expressed in his relationship with his teammates and coaches.” Selected by team vote.

Wrobel Trophy

  • Presented to the wrestler who scores the most team points during the season.