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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Women’s Athletic Association

The purpose of the Women’s Athletic Association (WAA) is to "encourage close relationships between the women athletes of the University of Chicago in order that they may work together as a body to promote women’s athletics."

Membership in the WAA is open to those women currently enrolled at the University of Chicago who have earned a Major "C" or Minor "C" or who are presently participating in a varsity sport.

The officers of the Executive Board are elected each spring for the following academic year by team representatives and members of the current Executive Board. The General Board of WAA consists of the Executive Board, advisors (Ruth Kmak and Sharon Dingman), and two representatives from each varsity sport.

The General Board meets regularly each quarter. In addition to the General Board, all WAA members are encouraged to attend meetings.


2020-21 Officers


Emma Griffith (Volleyball '21)

Vice Presidents

Chloe Maciolek (Soccer '21)

Nadia Redza (Swimming & Diving '21)

Secretary Kati Heller (Basketball '22)
Special Events Chair/GWAA

Lally Johnson (Lacrosse '22) 

Special Events Chair/Special Olympics

Klaire Steffens (Basketball '22)

Special Events Chair/Student-Athlete Projects

Julia Folkl (Softball '24)

Social Media Coordinator

Allie Muisenga (Volleyball '21)

Promotions Chairs

Nicole Kaspi (Soccer '22)

Temilade Adekoya (Volleyball '22)

Publicity Chairs

Ashley Gao (Basketball '23)

Grace Hynes (Basketball '23)