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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Strength & Conditioning Mission

At its core, the mission of the University of Chicago Strength and Conditioning program is to provide a scientific approach to improving athletic performance and decreasing injury rates in a high intensity and motivating environment.

Current research is used to design sport/event-specific and individualized programs. These programs use cyclic training to prepare athletes to peak their performance at a desired time or to maintain a high level of performance throughout an entire season. This training principle, known as periodization, combined with specificity are key factors in determining workouts for UChicago athletes.

While many modes of training are utilized, student-athletes primarily perform ground-based, multi-joint/multi-muscle movements with free weights.

Weightlifting, commonly referred to as Olympic Lifting, and its derivatives are used significantly at UChicago. Other primary lifts, including the back squat, front squat, and bench press, are used along with supplemental, single-joint exercises to assist in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

It is the goal of the aforementioned programs to improve all characteristics attributed to athletic performance including power, strength, speed, agility, coordination, and balance, while also preventing injury.

Personal improvement with the goal of bettering an athlete's team is the primary tool in evaluating each student and the program as a whole.