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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Sport Clubs Quarterly and Annual Allocations

Quarterly Allocations

All recognized Sport Clubs may request quarterly funds from the Sport Club Finance Committee (SCFC). Quarterly allocations fund both Sport Club special events and general operating expenses. Unlike annual allocations, quarterly allocations are distributed to groups on a short-term, event-by-event basis. The SCFC is formed at the start of the Fall Quarter and begins meeting as soon as possible each year.

The SCFC considers quarterly funding requests on a weekly basis, if necessary. All funding requests must be submitted to the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs – via e-mail or hard copy – by the specified deadlines.

Submission of Quarterly Allocations

The most important component of any funding request is the written budget. The strongest budgets are brief and clear. All funding requests are presented before the SCFC – which is an opportunity to clear up any questions or concerns regarding the request. All presentations are generally 5-10 minutes in length.

During/after the funding presentation, all Sport Clubs should be prepared to answer some, if not more, of the following questions:

  1. What does your club do?
  2. How big is your club?
  3. What is the event?
  4. How many students do you anticipate attending?
  5. Do you have alternative funding for your event?
  6. Who else have you asked?
  7. How has this event or similar events performed in the past?
  8. What is the cost of this event?
  9. Where did you obtain your prices and estimates?
  10. Do you have a co-sponsor? Who?
  11. What do you expect your co-sponsor to contribute?

Annual Allocations

Annual allocations determine all club operating budgets for the next academic year. The mandatory annual allocation meeting is held during the Spring Quarter.

The annual allocation meeting is supervised by the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs who provides leadership and a sense of continuity between Sport Clubs.

At least one elected officer from each recognized Sport Club must be present at this meeting (whether the club is requesting annual allocation funds or not). These officers will hear presentations, ask questions and vote on all club allocations.

Club may request financial assistance to conduct its activities. This may include, but is not limited to, equipment and uniform purchases, travel expenses, tournament fees, etc.

Funds not allocated through the annual allocation process will be available via quarterly allocations.

Submission of Annual Allocation Requests

The most important component of any funding request is the written budget. The strongest budgets are clear and concise. Clubs must report accurate records of all club budget expenditures, business and organizational structure, club membership, revenue generation, etc. All clubs requesting funds via the annual allocation process must present their budget request to their peers. "Presentations" should be no longer than five minutes in length.

Annual allocations are determined by the clubs:

  1. Organizational structure and fulfillment of responsibilities to the Department (and University)
  2. Leadership in recruitment and retention of new and existing members
  3. Organization in planning and development of club business
  4. Proper use of funds provided the previous fiscal year
  5. Financial commitment through generated revenue (e.g. donations, fundraisers, membership dues, etc.)
  6. Longevity and stability
  7. Needs proportionate to demand (e.g. club size, equipment, travel, operational expenses, etc.)
  8. Service to the University community (students, faculty, staff, etc.)