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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Sport Clubs Codes of Conduct


The University of Chicago and the Office of Intramurals, Recreation, Sport Clubs support autonomy of its student organizations within the established rules and regulations outlined in the Student Handbook. Initiation into University organizations is permissible – excluding any activities that may be construed as hazing. Hazing is performing an act (or insisting another perform an act) for initiation which may cause or create an unnecessary risk to physical or mental health. When a student organization is found to be involved in hazing activities, the Office of Intramurals, Recreation, Sport Clubs and the University of Chicago shall have the authority to initiate disciplinary actions.

Drug and Alcohol Consumption

Sport Club participants, coaches/instructors, advisors, trainers, etc. are representatives of the University of Chicago. As representatives they are expected to act and dress in a manner which reflects positively on the University. The Office of Intramurals, Recreation, and Sport Clubs supports and enforces the University's policy on drugs and alcoholic beverages. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or the use of illegal drugs in conjunction with practices, competition or travel are strictly prohibited.

Sport Club Alcohol Policy

Organizers who serve alcohol at an event take on great responsibility. Not only must all state and federal laws be followed, the appropriate precautions must be taken to ensure that no one drinks enough to bring harm to themselves or others. Only moderate consumption of alcohol may take place at events using University facilities or supported by University funds. An alcohol management training course (UCARE training) is required of all groups/parties wishing to serve alcohol at University events. The University's Alcohol Policy (below) MUST be followed at any approved event in which alcohol is served.

University Alcohol Policy

A complete description of the Alcohol Policy is available in the Student Manual of University Policies and Regulations. A synopsis of that policy follows:

The University prohibits all students and employees from the unlawful manufacture, possession, use, distribution, sale, or purchase of alcohol and illicit drugs on University premises or as part of any University activity. The University allows moderate consumption and/or possession of alcohol on University premises at approved function (e.g. receptions) by those legally permitted to consume or distribute alcohol. Such functions must comply with all applicable University guidelines.

All members of the University community are responsible for full awareness of the requirements of federal and Illinois statutes and Chicago ordinances concerning the consumption, possession, and sale of alcohol. The University expects each member of the community to be responsible for his or her own conduct and the consequences of that conduct. Illinois law prohibits the consumption or possession of alcohol by persons under the age of 21 and the supplying of alcohol to any person under the age of 21.

Alcohol beverages may not be served at any event at which undergraduates are present unless prior written approval has been obtained at least one week in advance [Note: Sport Clubs must adhere to ORCSA guidelines for serving alcohol] from the Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities or the appropriate Dean of Students. For events at which only graduate students over the age of 21 will be present, permission may be granted by your area's Dean of Students. Student organizations which plan to serve alcoholic beverages at their functions must have the servers or the representative(s) of the function attend alcohol risk management training (UCARE) offered by the Student Care Center. The Permission to Serve Alcohol form, must be completed upon completion of the UCARE class and must additionally be verified by your ORCSA advisor. Student organizations must complete UCARE training and the permission to serve alcohol form for any event at which they plan to serve alcohol, regardless of the facility to be used. Any group/individual planning to use ORCSA facilities must complete the permission to serve alcohol form.

Non-Smoking Policy

In accordance with regulations promulgated by the City of Chicago, and the State of Illinois, the University of Chicago is a smoke-free environment, therefore smoking is PROHIBITED in all buildings owned and operated by the University of Chicago (which includes dormitories). Smoking is permitted outside a building but not within fifteen feet of the entrance. For residential properties owned by the University and managed by Real Estate Operations, smoking is allowed in private dwellings, but not the public areas of these buildings.