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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Sport Clubs Mission

The Office of Intramural, Recreation and Sport Clubs is committed to offering a wide variety of activities that meet students' competitive, recreational, educational, and social needs at the University of Chicago.

Sport Clubs have been established to foster positive and healthy experiences through participation in recreational and competitive activities.

This mission will be achieved by:

  1. Providing opportunities to learn new skills, games and activities
  2. Offering activities that explore, and push, one's limits while providing stress management opportunities
  3. Supporting activities that promote social interaction within the diverse community at the University of Chicago
  4. Providing opportunities that examine, and challenge, the values and life choices of students
  5. Offering competitive and recreational settings that facilitate individual and team development

All Sport Clubs are supervised by the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs within Athletics & Recreation at the University of Chicago.