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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Sport Clubs Travel Policies and Procedures

Sport Club Travel Policy

The University of Chicago seeks to promote safe travel to events and activities occurring beyond the boundaries of University property by all Sport Clubs. As such, the travel policy applies to all Sport Club travel both in cases where the travel is sponsored by the University of Chicago and where a Sport Club travels on behalf of, or with the financial support of, a recognized student organization of the University of Chicago. This Travel Policy also applies to all travel taken by RSOs attending out of town events and programs. Examples of activities and events that fall under this Policy include, but are not limited to: sport club trips, the activities of recognized student organizations, Student Government-funded travel, and in situations where a student or recognized student organization officially represents the University, e.g., academic team competitions, conferences, and other programs.

All student and recognized student organization travel falling within this Policy must meet the following requirements:

  1. Recognized student organization travel must be consistent with the organization's mission statement and constitution on file with the Center for Leadership and Involvement. Travel must be planned so as not to create an undue interference with academic responsibilities.
  2. An individual student or recognized student organization must complete and submit the Travel Registration Form to the Center for Leadership and Involvement no later than ten (10) business days before the scheduled trip. Please know that the travel form will be reviewed by the RSO advisor, and the RSO will be expected to have a conversation with the advisor about the trip. Also, the travel form must be approved by the advisor before the trip can go forward.
  3. When students are driving for their student organization, whether in personal, rental, or University vehicles, all drivers must comply with the University's Vehicle Policy, including meeting minimum driving experience requirements, submitting relevant information and passing a driving background check, following all stated driving regulations, and completing any training requirements communicated by the University.
  4. Student Organizations must, as part of the travel registration process, supply the Center for Leadership and Involvement with the names, CnetIDs, and cell phone numbers all students traveling with the organization.
  5. Any trip taken without prior submission and approval of a complete and accurate Travel Registration Form, and/or the Driver Form or other violations of this policy, may result in individual and/or RSO discipline and, RSOs will not be reimbursed for travel expenses.

Submit your RSO Travel Plans for Approval

There are risks associated with any type of travel. If the weather conditions are hazardous (e.g. heavy rain or snowfall) it is recommended that clubs call the opposing team before leaving to inquire about any potential cancellations.  If the contest is not canceled, clubs should use good judgment if/when traveling.  Always err on the side of caution when deciding to travel (or when actually traveling).  Teams are encouraged to contact the National Weather Service for up-to-date weather information.

When a club's schedule has been completed, an officer must submit a written list of trips that will be taken during the school year.  This list should including the following information: destination; date and time of departure; date and time of return; names and number of participants traveling; number and type of vehicles to be used (e.g. rental vehicles or personal vehicles), etc.

Failure to file for advance trip authorization may result in non-reimbursement of expenses (and also possible suspension of the club).

Travel Party

Only approved club members, coaches, advisors and chaperones may travel in rental vehicles. Any unauthorized passengers taken in vehicles driven for Sport Club purposes are taken at the risk of the car owner. Unauthorized passengers are identified as friends, siblings, girl/boyfriends, and any other persons with no direct relationship to the club.

Annual Renewal

Each year, Sport Club members planning on driving a vehicle for University (Sport Club) business must submit the necessary driving forms along with a copy of a current driving license (front and back) so that a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) may be “pulled” through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  All student drivers must: 1) have a valid driver’s license in their possession; 2) be alcohol and drug free (including illegal, prescription, and non-prescription drugs) and 3) limit use as authorized and only transport those persons on University business.  This means no unauthorized family members, hitchhikers, friends, or anyone else not on official University business.


  1. Drivers must hold a driver's license recognized as valid for the operation of motorized vehicles.
  2. Drivers looking to drive a van of any type will be required to complete an online driving program via the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs.  (Note:  15-passsenger vans may NOT be used under any circumstance.)
  3. Only official travel party members or certified public carrier drivers are allowed to drive (after completing – and submitting – the necessary documentation).
  4. Individuals who have consumed alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or prescription drugs that may inhibit the operation of a motorized vehicle are strictly prohibited from driving. All drivers are expected to observe all traffic regulations and safe-operating procedures.
  5. Drivers who are ticketed or fined on club trips are responsible for the payment of any fines and will be prohibited from driving on any future club trips.

The following information MUST be on-file with the Office of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs prior to any driver transporting any persons for Sport Club purposes via a non-personal vehicle (e.g. departmental van, rental vehicle, etc.):

  1. A copy of a current driving license (front and back)
  2. A completed copy of the “Vehicle Use Acknowledgment” form

Use of Personal Vehicles

The following information MUST be on-file with the Office of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs prior to any driver transporting any persons for Sport Club purposes via a personal vehicle:

  1. A copy of a current driving license (front and back)
  2. A completed copy of the “Vehicle Use Acknowledgment” form
  3. A completed copy of the “Personal Vehicle Designation and Agreement” form
  4. Proof of insurance evidencing coverage in the amount of at least:
    a. Bodily Injury – each person $250,000; each occurrence $500,000
    b. Property Damage – each occurrence $100,000
    c. Owners of private vehicles should make sure that an adequate amount of liability and physical damage insurance is maintained

All personal vehicles used should be in good condition and operated in a safe, sober and responsible manner. University insurance may not protect Sport Club members in use of personal vehicles.

Driver Qualifications Standards

  1. Appropriately license for vehicle
    a. Valid state of Illinois or state of residence license in driver’s possession
    b. Commercial driver’s license when required for operating certain vehicles as specified by law
    c. No foreign licenses accepted
    d. No license restrictions that conflict with the use of the vehicle
  2. No medical condition that may impair ability to drive
  3. Minimum age
    a. 18 for vehicles other than passenger vans or truck
    b. 20 for passenger vans and trucks
    c. Rental car company minimum age requirements apply
  4. Experienced in driving similar vehicles (more than 2,000 miles)
  5. Acceptable driving record
    a. No convictions for driving under influence of drugs or alcohol
    b. No convictions for major moving violations (hit and run; any felony involving use of a vehicle; racing or speeds in excess of 25 mph over limits; reckless, negligent or careless driving) within the prior three years
    c. No license suspension or revocation or two accidents or speeding/moving violations within the past 12 months
    d. No pattern of bad driving as evidenced by citations for driving under the influence, major or moving violations or three or more of the following in the last 12 months or six or more in the last three years: accidents, license suspension or revocation, speeding and other moving violations

Driving Record and License Confirmation

  1. Applies to anyone driving University-owned vehicle (Rental agencies check driver's license) or privately owned vehicle if used for an essential job function. 
  2. For any position for which driving is an essential function, the department must obtain confirmation that the driving record is acceptable before hiring the driver; any job offers must be made contingent on an acceptable driving record.
  3. Driver submits to department head or designee:
    a. Photocopy of driver's license (front and back)
    b. Signed Vehicle Use Acknowledgment Form in which the driver agrees to drive responsibly and authorizes the University to check the driver’s official driving record
  4. Department confirms license appears valid.
  5. Department refers license copy and signed Vehicle Use Acknowledgment Form to Risk Management for a state driving record check for drivers whose driving of a University vehicle exceeds the following and retains the license copy and form for the others:
    a. Driving is an essential job function
    b. Two days per month on average
    c. Trip over 500 miles total

Vehicle Inspections

  1. Every University-owned vehicle shall be inspected by a qualified mechanic at least once each year to ensure proper operation of brakes, steering, seat belts, lights and integrity of the vehicle body and bumpers.
  2. Drivers should check that the brakes, lights and steering are in proper order before each use.

Driver training may be required for drivers of trucks, vans including passenger vans and for employed drivers with excessive serious driving violations or accidents.

Trip Management

15-passenger vans should NEVER be used. 12-passenger vans may ONLY be used in the Chicagoland area of Lake, Cook, DuPage, and Will Counties in Illinois and Lake County, Indiana.

For any trips beyond these counties, or in excess of 250 miles on-way, no one may:

  1. Operate a vehicle for more than:
    a. Three-consecutive hours without a rest break
    b. Ten total hours following eight-consecutive hours of time off.
  2. Ride in a vehicle for more than 16 hours within a 24-hour period

Sport Clubs should make all rental arrangements. If club funding is sufficient, rental vehicles or public carriers may be used.

The Department of Physical Education and Athletics (via the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs) must authorize all club drivers. Reservations for the departmental van must be made through the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs. If reservations are approved, van keys may be picked up from (and returned to) the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs.

The departmental van is to be returned – at the same gas level as when picked up – to the fourth level of the 55th Street parking after any trip. Misuse of the departmental van (e.g. trash left in the vehicle, empty gas tank, failure to return van to fourth level of parking garage, etc.) may result in fines and possible suspension of vehicle privileges.

Vehicles are not to be used for personal business, cruising, trips to player's homes, apartments, etc. Vehicles are to be cleaned of all litter after use. Fines and possible suspension of vehicle privileges may result if vehicles are not cleaned after use. Sport Club members are responsible for all expenses related to any misuse.

Drivers must adhere to the following regulations:

  1. Have valid driver's license in their possession.
  2. Must use the vehicle only as authorized.
  3. Should check the vehicle before driving to make sure that the lights, brakes, horn and steering are operating properly.
  4. Must limit occupancy to number of seatbelt sets.
  5. Must ensure that each passenger is seat belted.
  6. Obey all traffic regulations.
  7. Must not operate vehicle when driving conditions are excessively hazardous because of ice, snow, heavy rain or fog or when the vehicle’s brakes, lights or steering are not operating properly.
  8. Shall not drive while using a cell phone.
  9. Shall remove keys and lock an unattended vehicle.


The following processes should be followed in the event of an automobile accident. The Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs (and the Department of Risk Management) must be notified no later than the next business day. Do not admit fault in any accident situation.

  1. Contact the following in order:
    a. Police having jurisdiction (immediately if the accident involves injury) – 911 in most areas
    b. University Police if accident occurs in Hyde Park area (773-702-8181)
    c. Insurance:
        i.    Personal insurance company if a personal vehicle
        ii.   University of Chicago Risk Management if a University owned vehicle
        iii.  Rental Car Company if a rented vehicle
        iv.  The Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs
  2. Exchange information with the other driver and witnesses.
    a. Tell the other party(s) you will report the information to our insurance carrier. The insurance company will make all determinations regarding the accident.
  3. Investigation is coordinated by the Department of Risk Management by gathering information from the driver, police, insurance company and other sources as necessary.
    a. Phone Risk Management. Page us if the accident involves injury. Drivers must contact Risk Management to obtain all information needed to report an accident to our insurance carrier.
    b. Drivers must comply when asked to provide further information to our insurance carrier or any state agency.
  4. Driver reporting: Drivers are required to report the following to the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs:
    a. Traffic citations received while driving a University owned or rented vehicle.
    b. Medical conditions that impair your ability to drive a University owned vehicle or while driving on University business.
    c. Traffic convictions received while driving any vehicle, personal or University owned.