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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

How to Start a New Sport Club

Governance of Program

All Sport Clubs are supervised by the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs within Athletics & Recreation at the University of Chicago.

Purpose of Sport Clubs

The University of Chicago recognizes that the purposes of Sport Clubs are to:

  1. Introduce students, faculty, staff, alumni and their spouses to new activities
  2. Continue and enhance skills
  3. Develop student leadership
  4. Provide opportunities for students, faculty, staff, alumni and their spouses to develop positive interpersonal relationships
  5. Promote an appreciation for diversity

Criteria to become a Sport Club

All Sport Clubs must have:

  1. A membership of at least 10 currently registered students
  2. Club officers who are current University of Chicago students
  3. A faculty advisor who is interested in the particular physical activity and involved with the guidance of club officers
  4. A constitution approved by the Office of Intramural, Recreation, and Sport Clubs. The constitution is the framework of the club and expresses the fundamentals of the club's existence. Students, faculty and staff, alumni, and their spouses comprise the total population of participants in the Sport Club program, and have the responsibility for: writing their constitution and bylaws, determining their membership requirements, establishing any dues schedule, selecting and establishing duties of the officers and ensuring that all activities are administered safely and according to the Intramural, Recreation, and Sport Clubs policy.
  5. Approval to operate by the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs

Starting a New Club?

If you can't find a currently registered Sport Club (or RSO) that meets your interests/needs, then become a new Sport Club by:

  1. Completing the Sport Club Application. The application requires your name (as the contact person), your student ID number and the names (and student ID numbers) of at least nine other students who are interested in joining the proposed Sport Club.
  2. Submitting a constitution and accompanying bylaws for the proposed club. All applications, constitutions and bylaws must be submitted to the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs. All materials will then be reviewed by the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Sport Clubs along with the Director of Athletics for approval.

Writing/Updating Club Constitutions and Bylaws

All Clubs must adopt bylaws that govern the club and explain how the club shall be organized. The bylaws should explain the: club's name and purpose; qualifications of membership and members' duties, rights and responsibilities; details of meetings; handling of funds; amendment of bylaws; advisor selection; and any other details about the club's organization and operation. Bylaws should also outline a consistent and fair method of selecting leadership for the organization. All clubs should be open to all interested students, regardless of divisional or departmental affiliations.