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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Intramural Sports Frequently Asked Questions




Forming Teams/Registration

Game Schedules

Postseason Play


Q: What sports are offered via the Intramural Program?
A: A list of activities may be found here.

Q: Do I need to have my own equipment to play Intramurals?
A: The Intramural Office will furnish standard equipment for all activities with the exception of "personal items" such as tennis balls, bowling shoes, softball gloves, etc. Teams may use their own equipment if both teams mutually agree.

Q: Can I check-out recreational equipment from the Intramural Office?
A: The Intramural Office has a variety of equipment (both indoor and outdoor) for check-out. Typically, all equipment requires a deposit in the form of cash or via a Form 62 (if sponsored by a department/office). As long as there is no damage to the equipment – and it's returned in a timely fashion – the deposit is fully refundable. There is generally a 3-day limit on all equipment rentals.

Q: Are jobs available within the Intramural Program?
A: Yes!  IM Officials are hired seasonally and help to create the fun for our participants.  Applicants should be fun, reliable, and have experience with the sports they are interested in officiating.

To apply, please complete the IM Employment Application and email to or drop off at the IM Office.

Q: Where can I find the policies and procedures that govern the Intramural Program?
A: Intramural Sports Guidelines, outlining the policies and procedures governing the program, may either be found here.



Q: Who is eligible to participate in Intramurals at the University of Chicago?
A: All undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in any department or college of the University shall be eligible to enjoy all intramural privileges and shall retain that status until they withdraw, graduate or fail to comply with eligibility rules (or other guidelines).

In addition, resident heads and resident assistants may play with their house teams.  Post docs are eligible for graduate leagues.

University faculty and staff as well as hospital employees and residents are not eligible for Intramural participation. 

Q: Can I play for more than one team in the same sport?
A: A player can only play for one same sex team (in the men's or women's league) and one coed team in the same sport. An individual CANNOT participate on, say, one men's independent team and one men's residence hall team in the same sport. The first team a participant plays for is the team that person is committed to for that sport. A player who has been listed on a contest score sheet CANNOT switch teams for the remainder of that sport, league or tournament.

Q: I'm a current varsity (or Sport Club) athlete. Am I eligible to participate in Intramurals?
A: Membership on a varsity team in the season of that sport makes a player ineligible for that same or like sport during the IM season. Anyone who has won a major varsity letter in a sport at the University of Chicago, or at any other college, is ineligible to participate in that IM sport (or related sports) in undergraduate competition for a period of one academic year after receiving the award.

The graduate leagues are open to any student that is not eligible under the above rule.

Sport Club members are eligible to participate in Intramural team sports. Members may, however, be limited to a specific number of club athletes per team in the same or like sport in which they participate.



Q: How much does it cost to play Intramurals?
A: A $30.00 cash-only deposit is required to participate in team sports. This deposit is fully refundable as long as the team does not have any forfeits throughout the season, miss any assigned officiating shifts (if applicable) and/or does not incur any sanctions for violating program policies. Certain IM sports (Broomball and Inner Tube Water Polo) require an additional $30 fee (in addition to deposit) which is not refundable due to extra facility costs. 

For individual sports, a $2.00 non-refundable fee will be assessed per person ($4.00 per doubles team). All deposits/fees must be paid at the Intramural Office (Ratner #139) between 9 AM and 6 PM on weekdays.

Q: When (and how) can I pick up this team deposit after the season is over?
A: The individual who paid the initial deposit may stop by the IM Office (between the hours of 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM on weekdays) to collect the full $30 deposit – as long as there were no forfeits or other "sanctions" during the season. All deposits must be picked up by the end of the next quarter (after the quarter in which the particular sport was played). All Spring Quarter deposits must be picked up by July 1st.


Forming teams/registration

Q: How can I register for either a team or individual Intramural sport?
A: Select your sport, league, division, and create your registration through IM Leagues. Online registration only secures your spot in a league for 24 hours from the date and time of submission. Payment of a $30.00 deposit (for team sports) or $2.00/person (individual sports) is required before the posted registration deadline. Payment may be made at the Intramural Office (Ratner 139) from 11:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays.

Q: When do we get our team schedules?
A: Schedules will be posted to IM Leagues typically a couple days prior to the start of the season.  It is the team manager's responsibility to notify team members of all scheduled game dates, times and locations. Additionally, it is the manager's responsibility to have his/her team ready to play as scheduled and avoid forfeits.

Q: How many players do I need for a particular Intramural sport?
A: A team must begin play with the minimum number of required players (as specified in the rules of that particular sport) or the game will result in a forfeit. Each sport will have minimum player requirements stated on its rule sheets. It is strongly suggested that teams have more players on their roster than are required as there will be times when not everyone can make a game.  You should only register a team once you are sure you have commitment from enough players.

Q: Who can play in residence hall (house) leagues?
A: The residence hall division is open to undergraduate students living in campus housing or other University-approved campus housing units (provided they are not playing in the independent division). Participants must be current members or associate members of the house they play for. If you start playing for one team then you are committed to playing for that team regardless of any room, house, or dorm changes.

Q: Can I add players to our team throughout the season? If so, how can it be done?
A: Roster additions can be made through the regular season but will lock prior to playoffs.  A player not on the online roster may play in a regular season game by writing their name on the printed roster but must be added to the online roster prior to their next game played. Players may NOT be added to the roster/score sheet once tournament play has started.


Game schedules

Q: What are "TBD" sports?
A: Certain sports are designated as "To Be Determined" (TBD) sports. This means that all games are to be arranged between the teams playing each week. Team managers should mutually agree on the day, time and location of the game. Contact information will be provided by the Intramural Office. A schedule will be distributed to all managers listing the date and time by which the weekly game must be played each week (typically Sunday). Teams (more specifically, their managers) are responsible for seeing to it that these games are played (and that the outcome and scores are properly reported).

Q: What happens if games are cancelled (due to inclement weather or poor field conditions)?
A: Postponed regular season games will not be rescheduled unless space and time permits. Players and/or teams must be in mutual agreement of any make-up games in cooperation with the Intramural Office. Postseason/tournament games will be made-up as determined by the Director of Intramurals.

Q: How can I stay abreast of any Intramural notices, cancellations, additions, etc.?
A: While last-minute changes are avoided as much as possible, in the event that a change does need to be made, an update will be posted to IM Leagues.  Please set your preferences so you receive these email updates.  Team managers will also be sent a second email whenever possible. View our Inclement Weather Policy.


Postseason play

Q: In team sports, who generally makes the playoffs?
A: Playoff schedules, seedings and the number of teams that make it to the postseason will be determined by such things as overall records, number of playoff-eligible teams (i.e. no more than one forfeit), space availability, etc. The general rule of thumb is that approximately half of the teams in each league (and in the overall division) typically make the playoffs. (Generally, it works out that any team with a record of .500 or better makes the postseason, BUT this is NOT a guarantee.) Tie-breaking criteria for the playoffs include winning percentage, head-to-head record, common opponent record and point differential.

Q: What does a team get for winning the championship in a particular sport?
A: The Intramural Program provides awards in all activities for the winners of the various divisions. In team events, individuals listed on the team roster (who have competed in a minimum of two games on the winning team) will receive an Intramural Championship t-shirt. Teams will be given up to 12 shirts regardless of roster size. Any number needed beyond 12 must be paid for by the team. T-shirts may be purchased for additional players (at cost) through the IM Office. Contact the Director of Intramural Sports for additional information.