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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Getting Started


Online registration via IM Leagues only secures your registration for 24 hours from the date and time of electronic submission. Payment of a $30.00 cash deposit for team sports and a $2.00 cash payment for individual sports (i.e. $4.00 for a doubles team) is required before the applicable registration deadline. Payment can be made to the Intramural Office (Ratner 139) between 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM on weekdays. Click the link above to register online.


How to Enter a Team

Team Sports

1. Select your sport, league, division, and create your team through IM Leagues

2. Pay the $30.00 entry fee that is required for all team sports. The entry fee must be paid in CASH at the IM Office (Ratner #139). The IM Office is open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays. Late entries will only be accepted based on the discretion of the Director of Intramurals. All deposits must be picked up by the end of the next quarter (after the quarter in which the particular sport was played). All Spring Quarter deposits must be picked up by July 1st. Only the person who made the deposit may pick it up.

3. Attend the mandatory managers' meeting, if applicable.

Any organization or group can enter more than one team, but only one team may be represented by the organization in the designated division.

A player can only play for one same gender team (in the men's or women's league) and one coed team within the same sport.

Individuals who do not have a partner or team can submit their name online, or to the IM Office, to be added to the free agent list. Individuals are also encouraged to attend the managers' meeting for the sport in which they wish to participate. The Intramural Sports Staff will assist individuals who want to participate in the program.

Individual Sports

1. Select your sport, league, division and create your team through IM Leagues.

2. Pay the necessary $2.00 cash entry fee that is required of each participant ($4.00 for a doubles team).

All individual tournaments will either be round robin, single or double elimination based on the number of entries.

The tournament structure, deadline schedule, and participants' names and contact information will be released by the IM Office.

Responsibility of Team Managers

The success of the Intramural Sports Program largely depends on the leadership skills, involvement, knowledge and interest of the team manager/captain.

Each team must have a manager/captain and it is typically a good idea to have an alternate manager as well. Team managers will be responsible for communication between players and the Intramural Sports Staff.

Team managers should:

  • Be aware of sport offerings, registration dates, and interest among friends, housemates, and classmates. Teams should only be created once you are sure you have enough interest and commitment to fielding a team for the duration of the league.
  • Create and register your team on IM Leagues once registration has opened. Some sports tend to fill up prior to registration closing.
  • Enter your team roster online including all players’ name and email address. Team members must be on the online roster to participate and will be required to sign off on a printed roster prior to each game they attend. Roster additions can be made through the regular season but will lock prior to playoffs. A player not on the online roster may play in a regular season game by writing their name on the printed roster but must be added to the online roster prior to their next game played.
  • Pay the required cash deposit to the IM Office (Ratner #139) prior to the end of registration. Teams that have not paid their deposit when registration closes may be removed from the league.
  • Attend the mandatory managers' meeting, if applicable, prior to the start of the league. Information crucial to a team's success is made available at this meeting. Failure to attend the managers' meeting will result in a $5.00 fine and deducted from the team deposit. Teams that are not represented at the managers’ meeting may be removed from the league.
  • Be familiar with all rules (eligibility and game) and ensure that teammates abide by those rules.
  • Check often during the regular season, and especially during the playoffs, to assure players are eligible to participate.
  • Respond to the Intramural Sports Staff concerning schedule changes, tournament structure, player eligibility inquiries, team conduct, etc. Please inform the Intramural Sports Staff of any changes to manager's or alternate manager's contact information.
  • Clarify questions regarding rules and player eligibility. Team managers must file any protest with the Intramural Sports Staff (or IM Office). The manager is solely vested with this responsibility.
  • Maintain good sportsmanship among your players and spectators before, during and after competition. (See Sportsmanship and Conduct section).
  • Ensure your teammates are aware of all scheduled game dates, times and locations. It is the manager's responsibility to have his/her team ready to play as scheduled.
  • It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure your team does not forfeit. In the event that you your team is unable to make a scheduled game, you must alert the IM Office with plenty of notice so we can notify your opponent and our staff. Teams that do not alert us in a timely matter will be charged a forfeit fee and risk being removed from the league.

Statement on Inclement Weather

We are constantly monitoring the weather to ensure playing conditions are safe for our participants. Due to the nature of Chicago weather we do try to play outdoor sports through cold and rainy conditions when possible. Please be aware of what the weather will be like during the sport you are registering for.

Typically playing decisions based on weather cannot be made until close to game time. In the event that a game or sport does need to be cancelled, the IM Office will post an update to IM Leagues (received by anyone on the official roster) as well as try to email team managers whenever possible.

Equipment Reservation

Click here for the Equipment Reservation Form (XLS).