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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Personal Training Staff

Shanelle E. Taylor
Fitness Coordinator, BFA, FAFS, CPT, NS

As a former classically trained Ballet Dancer, Shanelle has had the pleasure of touring and studying with various professional companies including Joffrey Academy of Dance and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Shanelle holds a number of degrees and certifications including a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Education Degree from Columbia College. Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Rehab Specialist, Nutrition Specialist, and Fellow of Applied Functional Science in Biomechanics with the Gray Institute since 2003. Shanelle’s professional career includes working with the Mayor Daley Fitness Council with the Chicago Park District for seven years where she worked to implement various initiatives throughout the Chicagoland area "to promote, encourage and motivate the development of a physically active and healthy lifestyle for Chicagoans." Her career advanced as the Director of Fitness/Health and Wellness with the Metropolitan Chicago YMCA where she continued to promote the importance of health through various collaborations including working with Presence Health Integrative Medicine to develop a prescription referral program, allowing patients to engage in exercise and nutrition education as a form of preventative medicine for diabetes. Shanelle’s objective is to bring a global and holistic approach to aid others in their quest to achieve an optimal life style.

Antione Jackson
Personal Trainer

Antione Jackson received his bachelor's degree in exercise science from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale. As a personal trainer since 2005, Antione’s passion and commitment to improving the health and well-being of others makes him a valuable trainer. Antione approaches his work with a high level of initiative, reliability, empathy, determination and enthusiasm. Therefore, no matter what the client’s goals/fitness level, he has the ability to get results.

Carol Young-Walker
Personal Trainer

Carol Young-Walker is a Certified Personal Trainer who uses many training methodologies to achieve sustainable results. Carol currently serves on several executive boards, and worked in healthcare and non-profit leadership as a Hospital Administrator, Operation Manager, and Executive Director for several years. As a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, she speaks weekly on various radio stations across the nation. As a catalyst for change, Carol has achieved phenomenal transformation in health and fitness, and her goal is to reach back and help others.

Kijuan Ward
Personal Trainer

Kijuan Ward has over 10 years of experience within the health and wellness industry, beginning his career in 2007 as a Certified Personal Trainer and General Manager with L.A. Fitness in Atlanta Georgia. With a degree in Kinesiology from UIC and Certified Physical Therapy Aid, Kijuan specializes in various training styles including sports performance, conditioning, and special populations. Kijuan’s highly motivated and driven personality challenges him to continue to be the best trainer/coach that he can be while encouraging and assisting others to successfully achieve their health goals.

Patricia Chaidez
Personal Trainer

Patricia Chaidez is a Certified Personal Trainer who has a “passion for life & lifting heavy.” Patricia fell in love with fitness as a teenager, and knew very early that her life would revolve around it. Patricia is an ac-complished runner, and bodybuilder. Com-pleting her first Bodybuilding competition in 2013, just seven and a half months after giving birth to her only child. Patricia began powerlifting in 2015 and absolutely fell in love with the sport. She loves to help her clients transform their bodies and become stronger and she knows that the best way to help others achieve their physical goals is to first assist with obtaining the proper mindset. As a Mindset Coach since 2009, Patricia has helped her clients view life from various perspectives, one that helps them lead a truly fulfilling and balanced life.

Raymundo Martinez 
Personal Trainer

Raymundo Martinez began his journey in fit-ness at the tender age of 15 when he decided to study martial arts. As a first- and second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Raymundo understands the importance of general health and wellness. He studied health science at Rob-ert Morris University and is a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist, and Strength and Conditioning Coach. “Fitness is a lifestyle, and something I have always been very passionate about. The most rewarding experience is seeing my clients develop into the person they want to become, it is the best feeling.”

Renard Johnson
Personal Trainer

Renard Johnson is a Chicago native who has always had a love for sports and fitness. As a child Renard played baseball, football, and ran track. In high school Renard’s athletic career came to a halt when challenged to overcome serious injuries to his right leg as a result of being hit by a car. This tragic story turns into Renard’s triumph, as it was during this time that Renard found his passion for rehabilitation. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Myoskeletal Therapist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Pilates Instructor; Renard has realized the key to helping someone get healthy is to first rehabilitate past injuries and prevent new ones.