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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Maroon Step Challenge

Maroon Step Challenge

The goal of the Maroon Step Challenge is to help create a regular habit of movement and exercise.  Our aim is to improve the overall health of the UChicago community through friendly and fun competition.

Participants will track and log their steps over the course of 9 weeks (January 11-March 14) to determine UChicago’s top steppers!  The Maroon Step Challenge will include three optional “Signature Events” in which participants will have the opportunity to DOUBLE their steps simply by participating.

We will send out regular updates to keep you motivated, provide you with fun step ideas, and keep you apprised of the weekly leaderboard.  We encourage you to share your progress on social media (#maroonsteps) and check in on how others are doing as well.  At the conclusion of the Challenge, top steppers will be announced and prizes will be awarded!

December 14 – February 12
Register Here    

Registration is FREE and open to all UChicago students, faculty, staff and alumni.  Individuals may register anytime from 9:00am on Monday, December 14 through 11:59pm on Friday, February 12 via the UChicago IMLeagues website.  Instructions on how to create an IMLeagues account and register can be found here or watch our brief video tutorials below.

Separate registration links for the “Signature Events” will be created in early January 2021 and shared with all Maroon Step Challenge participants.   

January 11 – March 14

The Maroon Step Challenge will take place over 9 weeks, beginning Monday, January 11 and ending on Sunday, March 14.  Participants will track their total steps on a weekly basis and report results each Sunday.

All steps count!  Biking to class – count it!  Walking around the grocery store – count it!  Dancing to La Bouche when you think no one is looking (just us?) – count it!  Participants may engage in activities of their own choosing, but we hope you will also check out our recommendations in the “Get To Stepping” section below.  Additionally, we encourage you to participate in our three “Signature Events” to earn double steps!

Week 1:  January 11 – January 17
Week 2:  January 18 – January 24
Week 3:  January 25 – January 31
Week 4:  February 1 – February 7
Week 5:  February 8 – February 14
Week 6:  February 15 – February 21
Week 7:  February 22 – February 28
Week 8:  March 1 – March 7
Week 9:  March 8 – March 14 

The Maroon Step Challenge will feature three “Signature Events” throughout the quarter where participants can DOUBLE their steps simply by participating.  Details of these Signature Events will be released in early January 2021.  Participation in these Signature Events is not required to compete in the Maroon Step Challenge.

Signature Event #1: Week of January 25
Signature Event #2: Week of February 15
Signature Event #3: Week of March 1

Registrants will be asked to record their steps on a weekly basis via the platform of their choice. Suggestions include FitBit, iPhone Apple Health, GoogleFit, Samsung Health, Garmin, or any other fitness application that tracks steps.  We have included some useful conversion charts in the “Tools” section below to help track steps for activities which you may not be able to use a tracking device.

Recording of steps will be done via the “honor system” and is the responsibility of participants.

Participants will be asked to report their steps for the week each Sunday by 11:59pm on IMLeagues beginning January 17 through March 14. 

Reporting Instructions:
1.  Log in to IMLeagues
2.  From the Home Page, under My Teams, click on your Maroon Step Challenge team name.
3.  Click on the week for which you are reporting.
3.  In the top right corner, click “Enter Results”.
4.  In the score box, enter your total steps for that week and click “Save”.

Miles to Steps Conversion Calculator
Activities to Steps Conversion Chart
How to Track Your Steps With Just an iPhone or Android Phone
How to Track Steps on an iPhone Using the Apple Health App
How to #RecreateResponsibly During Covid-19 
How to be Physically Active While Social Distancing

We encourage participants to post their workouts and share their progress on social media using the #maroonsteps hashtag!  Make sure to follow us @ucintramurals and @fit_uchicago on Instagram for additional updates.   

A weekly leader board will be available starting the week of January 18.

Prizes will be awarded to the top overall finishers.  (Prizes TBD/TBA.)

Additionally, Maroon and Phoenix Cup points will be awarded to the top undergraduate and graduate student finishers.  To be eligible for cup points, be sure to include your residence house or grad program affiliation in your team name.  Example: Joe Doe (House/Program Name) 

Check out these fun ideas to get your steps in.  If you have other creative step routines, please share them with us so we can add them to the list! 

UChicago Recreation YouTube Channel        
Hyde Park/South Side Routes
Virtual Training Tours
Chicago Park District Paths & Trails                                                                                                                               
Martial Arts Videos
Adventure Recommendations – (courtesy of Phoenix Outdoor Program)
Prancercise – “Stop talking and do some walking!”

All participants in Department of Athletics and Recreation activities are strongly advised to have an annual medical examination and proper medical insurance coverage. While the Department strives to provide safe activities and facilities, there are inherent risks, including physical injury, associated with participating in our programs.

Maintenance of good physical health and medical insurance in the event of a physical injury can provide peace of mind while participating in Department of Athletics and Recreation activities.

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