Maroons swimmers and divers open season at St. Thomas Relays

Anthony Restaino and Jenna Harris / 

PHOTO CREDIT: Caleb Williams,
Anthony Restaino and Jenna Harris / PHOTO CREDIT: Caleb Williams,


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- The University of Chicago men's and women's swimming and diving teams opened the competitive season at the University of St. Thomas (Minn.) Relays on Saturday.

The Maroons won six events on the men's side and six events on the women's side. UChicago also set seven meet records over the course of the day.

UChicago Top Finishers
800-yard freestyle relay (Men) - 1st, 7:09.22 (Jonas Fowler, J.T. Simoneau, Kevin Ku, Eric Hallman)
300-yard breaststroke relay (Men) - 1st, 2:52.09 (James Taylor, Andrew Homere, Rolland Lee, Andrew Angeles)
300-yard backstroke relay (Men) - 1st, 2:34.43 (Andrew Homere, Jeremy Estes, Kevin Ku, Bryan Bunning)
1,100-yard animal relay (Men) - 1st, 10:56.07 (Kevin Ku, Jonas Fowler, Matthew Chen)
One-meter dive - Anthony Restaino (1st, 264.20)
Three-meter dive - Anthony Restaino (1st, 252.35)
800-yard freestyle relay (Women) - 1st, 7:59.90 (Karen Chu, Cara LoPiano, Jenna Harris, Alison Wall)
300-yard breaststroke relay (Women) - 1st, 3:29.16 (Megan Wall, Michelle Law, Natalie Cheung, Ciara Hu)
300-yard backstroke relay (Women) - 1st, 2:53.78 (Jenna Harris, Maya Scheidl, Michelle Law, Alison Wall)
400-yard IM relay (Women) - 1st, 4:11.26 (Vivian Yuen, Michelle Law, Megan Wall, Abby Erdmann)
1,100-yard animal relay (Women) - 1st, 11:51.33 (Ciara Hu, Megan Wall, Cara LoPiano)
200-yard freestyle relay (Women) - 1st, 1:40.09 (Jessie Ho, Maya Scheidl, Alison Wall, Jenna Harris)