Seventeen Maroon Wrestlers Named to UAA 30th Anniversary Team

Peter Wang and Mario Springer
Peter Wang and Mario Springer

UAA 30th Anniversary Wrestling Team

CHICAGO – Seventeen former University of Chicago wrestlers were honored for their University Athletic Association careers with the recent release of the UAA 30th Anniversary Wrestling Team.

Back-to-back UAA MVP Mario Springer (1993-94) and two-time NCAA Division III national champion Peter Wang led the illustrious class, which also includes six four-time all-UAA wrestlers: Frank Arado (1989-92), Neil Rodak (1995-98), Jeff Combs (1995-98), Nick Kehagias (2001-04), Troy Carlson (2007-10) and Ryan Hatten (2008-11).

Seven others earned all-UAA honors three-straight times: Phil Kruzel (2005-07), Steve Mlynarczyk (1999-01), J.R. Moore (1999-2001), Brett Castillo (1992-94), Pat Payne (1990-92), Doug Logan (1988-90) and Cary Starnal (1988-90).

In order to be a part of the all-UAA 30th Anniversary team, wrestlers must have been a) named UAA MVP; b) was named to all-UAA team at least three times in their careers; or c) won an individual NCAA title. In total, 40 former wrestlers from UChicago, NYU, and Case Western Reserve earned the honor.


UChicago Honorees (17)
Frank Arado
Andy Bugajski
Troy Carlson
Brett Castillo
Jeff Combs
Ryan Hatten
Nick Kehagias
Phil Kruzel
Doug Logan
Steve Mlynarczyk
J.R. Moore
Ai Nguyen
Pat Payne
Neal Rodak
Mario Springer
Cary Starnal
Peter Wang