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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

UChicago women's tennis rolls Augustana 5-0

Alyssa Rudin and Estefania Navarro
Alyssa Rudin and Estefania Navarro

CHICAGO – The University of Chicago women's tennis team collected a dominating 5-0 win versus Augustana College in the second round of the NCAA Division III Championship on Saturday.

The No. 9-ranked Maroons improved to 17-4 and advanced to the Round of 16. The Vikings concluded their season at 25-7.

UChicago raced through doubles in the first and third positions. The No. 1 tandem of freshman Marjorie Antohi and sophomore Rachel Kim blanked their opponents 8-0, while the No. 3 duo of junior Ariana Iranpour and freshman Laura Gutierrez were similarly quick with an 8-1 margin. Second doubles turned into a battle with multiple service breaks for each side. After a tie at 3-3, the Maroons turned it on to win 8-4.

In singles play, the hosts captured all six opening sets. They closed it out with wins at No. 5 and No. 6 by freshmen Alyssa Rudin and Estefania Navarro, respectively. Rudin had her serve broken to start the match, but then proceeded to reel off 12-straight games to get the 6-1, 6-0 win. Navarro clinched the match early at 6-1, 6-2.

"Coming out, it was important to not underestimate our opponents," said Assistant Coach Kris Powell. "We knew that we had to make first serves and make sure to not give away free points. Building the point and capitalizing on transition shots and staying focused all the way through were the team's mindset today."

UChicago 5, Augustana 0
1. Ariana Iranpour (UC) vs. Lauren Goggin (AUG) 6-1, 1-2, unfinished
2. Marjorie Antohi (UC) vs. Dana Goggin (AUG) 6-2, 2-0, unfinished
3. Rachel Kim (UC) vs. Caitlyn Schaffer (AUG) 6-4, 2-0, unfinished
4. Tiffany Chen (UC) vs. Zeana Badawi (AUG) 6-2, 2-1, unfinished
5. Alyssa Rudin (UC) def. Vicki Andonova (AUG) 6-1, 6-0
6. Estefania Navarro (UC) def. Madeline Lombardi (AUG) 6-1, 6-2
1. Marjorie Antohi/Rachel Kim (UC) def. Dana Goggin/Caitlyn Schaffer (AUG) 8-0
2. Tiffany Chen/Alyssa Rudin (UC) def. Lauren Goggin/Madeline Lombardi (AUG) 8-4
3. Ariana Iranpour/Laura Gutierrez (UC) def. Zeana Badawi/Vicki Andonova (AUG) 8-1


  • Sunday, May 14 @ Noon – Gustavus Adolphus at UChicago (NCAA Regional Final)