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University of Chicago Department of Athletics & Recreation

Intramurals & Sport Clubs


Intramurals and Sport Club programs give students opportunities to participate in sports in an organized, competitive environment. Participants in UChicago's intramural and sports programs have the opportunity to build community, develop interpersonal skills, socialize with others, and stay healthy. 

  • Approximately 8,500 undergraduate and graduate students participate in the intramural sports program (double counting those students who participate in more than one sport).
  • Approximately 1,100 people participate in 39 different sport clubs.



The Intramural Sports program at the University of Chicago offers opportunities for students to compete with one another in a safe, friendly environment. UChicago Intramurals offers 32 intramural sports each year, which attract approximately 8,500 student participants annually.


Sport Clubs

The Sport Clubs program is comprised of groups of individuals organized to further their interest in common physical activity through instruction, recreation and/or competition. Sport Club membership must be composed solely of University of Chicago students, faculty, staff, alumni, and/or their spouses. Sport Clubs are driven by their student members and are supported and funded by the University for the benefit of these students.


Student Employment

Intramurals and Sport Clubs employs students throughout the year in various roles, including sports supervisors, office workers and game officials. Click here to look at the available student jobs.